Quad Safari    Sunriders Roda

With the quad, we discover the most deserted places far away from any tourism. The roads we will take are only mountain roads and small forest trails. 

Like that, you will have a perfect impression of the islands magnificent countryside. Our parcours brings you through different olive forrests and several little typical greek mountain villages where the time seems to have stopped. 

We pass Episkepsis to reach the highest village Strinilas where we will have our first coffeebreak. After we go to the Pantokrator where we will go up to 906 m.An excellent view waits for you there. After a short break, the trip takes us to Old Perithia via Lafki. 

Old Perithia is a totally deserted village and the most mythical one on Corfu. After the visit of the village, the safari brings us down to the beach meanwhile passing by several villages. We will stop at the beach to have a peaceful lunchbreak. After eating and swimming we are going back to the starting point via the north coast.  During this offroad safari, the adventure and amusement are garantueed. 

You can drive yourself or go with as a passenger. Distance of the parcours : 67 km. Don't forget your driving licence and your swimming suit.