Leopard Rent a Car  Roda

Leopard rent a Car (Leopard Travel Roda) is located on the mainroad of Roda to the beach on your left hand, about  200 mtr from the sea.

                                        Tel: (0030) 2663063113 Mobil: (0030) 6932327208

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Through our local network of cooperating travel agencies, hotels and representatives you can rent a car from us at any resort in Corfu you might be. We have a fleet of 60 cars of different types and sizes. Most of our cars are only months old as we buy new vehicles every year. All of our vehicles are professionally maintained and regularly checked. Also they all have AIR CONDITION and power steering as standard. Our philosophy is to offer good cars at reasonable prices.

Comparing our offers with those of the large international car companies operating in Corfu you will find us being up to 40% cheaper. We also have a much better insurance policy giving you as standard what others charge you extra for. We are proud of having served hundreds of satisfied customers over the years. We commit to continue our high standards of service so more and more people who visit Corfu can rent a car and explore our beautiful island with comfort and safety.

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One Day 100 KM Free

One Day Unlimited KM

3 Days Unlimited KM

7 Days Unlimited KM

Group A  Matiz

35 euro

38 euro

99 euro

215 euro

Group B Fiat Panda

38 euro

40 euro

115 euro

255 euro

Group C Opel Corsa

40 euro

42 euro

119 euro

265 euro

Group D Kia Ceed

42 euro

45 euro

125 euro

275 euro

Group E Citroen Picasso

48 euro

50 euro

139 euro

295 euro

Open top 4x4 Suzuki Jimmy

50 euro

55 euro

145 euro

320 euro

Luxury Sedan  Volvo s40

50 euro

55 euro

145 euro

320 euro

Cabrio Opal Astra C

55 euro

58 euro

155 euro

330 euro

Luxury Suv  Jeep Patriot

60 euro

65 euro

165 euro

375 euro

Minibus 7 seats  Fiat Doblo

70 euro

75 euro

195 euro

450 euro

Minibus 9 Seats VW Transporter

85 euro

90 euro

255 euro

595 euro

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