Walking / Hiking in Corfu

Everyone can appreciate a nice walk through the nature to discover old traditional villages, hidden lakes and mountain paths. 
There are a lot of footpaths that connect hinterland villages in Corfu island and give the opportunity to admire beautiful landscapes, mountains, forests and coast areas surrounded by olive trees. 
There are some excursions that cover the island of Corfù for its entire length and take several days walking, or some shorter that are no longer than 5 kilometres.
Along all the walking tracks there are yellow signs CT (Corfu trail) that will indicate you the way.

 Steve Mark Corfu

A variety of walks in the Central / South of Corfu.Each walk will have instructions, maps and photographs to help you enjoy a wonderful walk in the Corfu countryside.

Agios Mattheos - Olive Groves 

Arillas - Circular

Arillas - San Stefanos 

Benitses - Gastori - Achillion Palace 

Benitses - Roman Baths and British Waterworks 

Boukari - Petriti 

Chlomotiana - Chlomos 

Chlomotiana - Mesonghi

Chlomotiana - Spileon 

Corfu Town - Outskirts 

Gardiki Castle - Scala Beach

Halikounas Beach - Circular

Kavos - Circular Korission Lagoon and Dunes

Moriatiki - Episcopiana

Mount Agios Mattheos - Monestery 

Potami (Lefkimmi) - Circular

St. George (South) - Santa Barbara 

Strongili - Circular 

Vouniatades - Circular 

Details of ALL walks are FREE.